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Client Testimonials

What are our clients saying about us? Read these testimonials to find out how Palmer Telecom, Inc. has helped other businesses.



"Palmer Telecom brought new international business to TVI Connect and was very succesfull in doing so. David Palmer is very knowledgeable about the industry he is working in, which makes him very responsive to his clients needs. David demonstrates a very high business efficiency and was always more than able to come up with a balanced solution for any problem that we had and always within a timely fashion. I highly recommend David to anyone looking for a hard-working, dedicated, discrete, knowledgeable, and certainly a likeable guy that will move your business forward." - Kevin Baker, Sales Director, TVI Connect



"We have been doing successful business with Palmer Telecom for more than four years because they are very much unlike the majority of 'business developers' we tried previously.  Not only have they brought us our key customers, the ones that consistently give us 25% - 30% of our overall margin, but they continue to deliver a steady stream of new leads that 100% fit our needs.  Palmer has been a market maker for more than ten years, so it is no wonder they know the most successful operators.


"We value their business approach as Palmer always does the due diligence to find out companies' financial situation, technical nuances and other details necessary for a successful partnership.  In conclusion, I personally recommend David Palmer as a professional business developer.  I'm sure you will achieve new heights in business working with Palmer Telecom."  - Alex Shneyderis, COO, Lexico Telecom LTD


"I met David as one of my first colleagues at Contactel in March 2001. While I was appointed to build wholesale billing systems, David's role was to bring international wholesale business and customers to increase Contactel's revenues. I do not exaggerate while saying that David started with one business card and a mobile phone. Over the period of 4 years he successfully developed the international business to more than 60 interconnects in PoPs located in Prague, Budapest, Frankfurt, London and New York.

"David has built voice trading department and trained his staff to deliver the highest quality of service to wholesale partners.

"His agile style of work, good sense for business opportunity and delivered revenues has been appreciated by Contactel management as well as by his young colleagues long after he left the Company.

"David has made Contactel very visible far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.

"I recommend Palmer Telecom's experience in international telco business and especially in trading voice minutes for any agile operator." - Premysl Puzrla, Wholesale Billing & Business Support Manager, Contactel



"David Palmer was an invaluable resource to me at Golden Telecom. He readily accepted difficult assignments, often outside his core discipline, and never disappointed me." - David Wisher, CFO, Golden Telecom / Beeline

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